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There are several folders in which messages and other data may be stored in UAlbany Mail. All of the folders may be viewed from the Folder List View in Outlook and the appropriate subgroups may be viewed in each of the other Outlook views. The following is a summary of these folders. Other folders may be manually created within any folder for more granular sorting.

To access the Folder List view you first open up Outlook and go down to the bottom task bar and click the " ... " button next to Tasks:

Then once you click that button, it will have a pop-out menu appear and you will then need to click Folders:

Doing this will then bring you to the Folder List View, Which should look like this:

Inside the Folder List View you can find the:

  • Inbox - location of newly received and unfiled messages
  • Drafts - unsent messages that may be completed and sent at a later time
  • Sent Items - messages sent from the account
  • Deleted Items - messages and other content that have been deleted but not yet purged
  • Archive - messages you told Outlook that you wanted to be archive go here 
  • Calendar - appointments, meetings, and reminders in daily, weekly, or monthly format
  • Contacts - people, groups, or other contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail, birthday, picture, etc.)
  • Conversation History - where old IM conversations will be stored
  • Journal - journal entries such as meeting records
  • Junk E-mail - messages that Outlook's filter determines to be junk and may be unjunked or deleted
  • Notes - short notes
  • Outbox - completed messages marked to send at the next synchronization or where a send error has occurred
  • RSS Feeds -subscriptions to news or other feeds to receive updates in one location
  • Sync Issues - error logs from synchronization attempts with the e-mail server
  • Tasks - to do items which may have due dates or associations with messages
  • Search Folders -shortcuts to find large, unread, categorized, or follow-up messages in all folders