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Remote off-campus access to University Library online databases and journals is limited to certain current affiliations with the University, based on UAlbany EduPerson affiliation codes, to assure the provided access matches the authorized affiliations.

CTFACurrent Teaching Faculty
STMPState Operations Employees
CREGCurrent Registered Students
CIELCurrent Intensive English Language Program Students
EVOLHonorary/Volunteer Employees
RFEMResearch Foundation Employees
EXLBLibrary Exception Code

A student enrolled within the previous year

This code is manually allowed during late enrollment to allow eligible, but not yet enrolled, students access. It is a Library decision and process, so may have gaps.

EXCPException granted for account access
ALECLecturers who have been actively employed within the last 15 months
NHIRFuture hires (job record in with future start date)
NFACCNSE teaching faculty
GRMAMasters student within the statute of limitations

There may be a delay in enforcement of one or two semesters, so the impact will no longer be immediate at the end of any term.

Alumni of the University have some access to online services through the Alumni Online Community. The Library has details on this access available online.

Individuals who do not fall into at least one of the categories above will not have access to online journals and databases while outside of the Libraries.

Public access

Anyone can access all University Library resources while at the Libraries on the UAlbany campus.

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