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To receive an account

Please ask the website owner to fill out the RedDot Account Request Form located at

Notes to the website owners in regards to filling out the form

  1. In the dropdown menu for choosing a Project, the Project refers to different sections of the overall University at Albany website. Most websites are in the Bridgeline project. This project is the one that streamlines all of the websites into one uniform style. The other projects are old sections that have not been moved into the new style yet.
  2. For certain websites, there are two different permission settings for the users. The first setting is editing permissions, which means they can have access to the website and make changes, but these changes have to go someone else before they are approved and published. The other setting is editing and publishing permissions, which means that the editor may edit pages and publish them.
  3. For other websites, there are different sections of your own website that you can give users access to. You can either select the entire website or select certain website sections for users to have access to.
  4. With one request submittal, you may give up to three people access to red dot accounts, but to do so, they must have the same permissions or sections to access. If, for example, you want to give one person editing permissions and one person editing and publishing permissions, you have to send in two different requests.