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  • Information Commons - Locked Access database file saving trouble
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For some Access database files on IC and Library computers, the file may become locked/in use by the local administrator account while being edited. This appears to be caused by some action in the scripting in the database file, based on the samples we have seen (from a recurring BITM class).

To avoid this issue, using the Save As command immediately after opening the file may help. It did in one case.


  1. With the database still open in Access, go to the folder where it is saved (My Documents, S Drive, etc.)

    If you do not know the location, you can find it from the title bar or the File menu's Info section:

  2. Copy and paste (to duplicate) the .accdb file (not the .laccdb file)
  3. Open the new "Copy of thefilename.accdb" or "thefilename - Copy.accdb" file to verify its contents
  4. Rename the duplicate file if desired and submit it as appropriate

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.