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Guest patrons of the University Libraries do not have all the same access to equipment, services, and software as students, staff, and faculty do. This is particularly relevant in the Information Commons (IC) areas of the Libraries, as guests and the public come in to use resources there. Below is a summary of guest patron access to IC/Library resources.

IC Computers

Guest patrons are able to use the Information Commons computers by obtaining a guest logon account from the Library Circulation desk. This account allows them to use basic software and access web-based research material and other resources while at the Libraries. Many licenses for the programs typically available on the IC computers do not allow for guest access, limiting what is available to common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox) and Microsoft Office (Word is on the Taskbar. Others, like Excel or Access must be searched in the Start Menu). The Library maintains an appropriate use policy for guest patrons and computers.

The Library Guest Patron account is only for accessing the computers in the Libraries; it does not work for WiFi access. Guests should contact their hosts for help using UAGuest WiFi (see Visitor access to the UAlbany wireless network for more).

Library Resources

The Library offers use of many of their services to guest patrons, including book borrowing privileges and access to databases from on campus. Details on guest patron access and limitations are available from the Library's website.

UAlbany alumni have all the same privileges as guest patrons and some additional access to databases through the UAlbany Alumni Online Community accounts.

IMC Equipment

The Interactive Media Center computers require users to log on with a University account and do not work with the Library guest accounts, so only students, staff, and faculty can use the computers and other equipment in the IMC, like scanners and video and audio editing equipment.