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2-Step Login

2-Step Login Landing Page


Complex Password Rules

Employee and Student Computer Account Lifecycle and Preparation for Deactivation

Guidelines for the Use of Active Directory and 389 Accounts

How to Set or Reset Password and Obtain NetID

Password Reset Error Messages

What is my NetID, AlbanyID, and PIN?


SUNY Poly students affiliated with UAlbany

Auditing and Renewals

389 Group Renewal Audit

ITS UAlbany Departmental Resources Expiring Soon

ITS Non_Individual (Generic) Unix Account(s) Expiring Soon

ITS Resources (Shared folders, UAlbany mail, permission groups etc.) Access Audit

Departmental contacts for Client Support Services and Enterprise Applications Services

Listing of IAM and EAS Contacts

IAM Contact Responsibilities

EAS Contact Responsibilities

New Employee Access to Online Services


De-Provisioning FAQ

EduPerson Affiliation codes

EduPerson Codes (Albany)


Emeriti FAQ

Emeritus Self Service Process

Services Accessible to Emeriti

Federated Online Services

What is InCommon?

InCommon User Information


Identity and Access Management Forms

Group Access Manager

Group Access Manager Training

Single-Sign On

FAQs about the web login page and SSO at UAlbany


Certificate - Requests

Certificate Service SLA

Expiration Dates of Root and Mid Level Certificates

InCommon certificate AddTrust External CA Root to Expire (May 2020)

Adding a new Certificate to your Browser

Windows Resources

Listing of ITS Windows Resources

UAReports Access

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.