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2-Step Enrollment Form
Description:  For Faculty/Staff to opt into 2-Step Login.

389/AD Service Account Request Form
To request a 389 or AD service account.  

AD Security Group Request Group
Description: Used to request a security group in Active Directory for an application.

ARCC Guest Account For Research Collaboration Request Form:
To request a generic account to shared resources for a research collaborator who is not a University employee.

Distribution Group Request Form
Description: To create or delete a distribution group.

Generic (Event) Active Directory Account Request Form
To request a generic account used for events where an individual account is not appropriate.

Generic Vendor Active Directory Account Request Form 
To request a generic account for an outside vendor who will be performing work for the University. 

Group Owner Maintenance Request Form
Description: To add or remove a displayed owner and/or additional owners to any shared folder, departmental mailbox, or room calendar.  

HRTS Access Request
Description: Users will be able to request access to the Human Resource APC process.

Office 365 Group Request Form    
To create or delete an Office 365 group.

Room Calendar or Equipment Request Form
To create or delete a room or equipment calendar.

Shared Folder Request Form 
Description:To create or delete a network shared folder.

Single Sign-on Configuration Request
Description: Request use of the University at Albany's Single Sign-on system.

UAlbany Mail Departmental Account (Shared Mailbox) Request Form
Description: To create or delete a departmental shared mailbox.

UAReports Access Maintenance Request Form
Description: To add or remove members to a UAReports folder

UNIX/389 Generic Account Request 
Description: To request a generic account for departmental web space, guest wiki access, and Unix system. 

Workstation Administrative Access Group Request
Description:  To request a Workstation Admin Access Group.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.