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The Role of ITS Liaisons

Divisional Quota Management

All divisions are allocated disk space on campus servers; ITS Liaisons are responsible for managing that space. To assist in this process, ITS generates weekly reports, stored in the Quota Manager folder, showing how disk space is being used by the division.

ITS recommends that Liaisons and/or their designees monitor and manage their disk usage by reviewing this report regularly.

Access to IT Services and Accounts Management

The ITS Liaison designates the individuals who serve as primary and secondary contacts for all departments within the division. These contacts assist Client Support Services (CSS) and University Applications development (UAD) in managing accounts and access to IT resources.

Both ITS Liaisons and CSS/UAD Contacts can request the creation, maintenance and termination of accounts for their division, college or school.


ITS Liaison(s)

Email Address

Phone Number

Academic Affairs

Ben Weaver
William Hedberg

(518) 956-8030
(518) 956-8030


Matt Roche

(518) 442-3054

College of Arts & Sciences

Steve Galime

(518) 442-4012

College of Computing & Information

Nan Carroll


College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Rhonda Haines


Communications & Marketing

Hilary Knox
Brian Smith

(518) 437-5044
(518) 956-7943


Richard Ingles

(518) 437-4779

Facilities Management

Amy Campana
Mike Monforte

(518) 442-3404
(518) 442-3414

Finance & Business

Stacy Stern

(518) 956-8120

Information Technology Services

Bobby Wachs

(518) 956-8080

President's Office

Vince Delio

(518) 956-8010

Research Foundation

Robert Webster

(518) 437-4550

Rockefeller College

Ben Weaver

(518) 956-8030

School of Business

Tony Manes

(518) 442-4928

School of Criminal Justice

David McDowall

(518) 442-5225

School of Education

Alison Olin

(518) 442-3911

School of Public Health

Larry Preston

(518) 402-0283

School of Social Welfare

Ben Weaver

(518) 956-8030

Student Success

Cynthia Riggi

(518) 956-8140

University Libraries