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The role of the ITS CSS Contact is to act as the point of contact for all users within the Department (faculty, staff, and student employees) for all ITS Client Support Services accounts related questions and requests. The ITS CSS Contact is an employee of the department they represent.


The processing time for new accounts requests is 5 business days.

Automatically Created/User Activated IT Accounts

The following accounts are created for the new employee or student and are activated by the account holder:

Students - The following accounts are created when an undergraduate student is admitted and deposited. Accounts are automatically created for Graduate students upon confirmed acceptance:

  • Active Directory (Windows Network Access)
  • UAlbany Mail
  • MyUAlbany
  • File storage/ personal web space

Faculty/Staff - The following accounts are created when an employee record has been added to the Human Resources system:

  • Active Directory (Windows Network Access)
  • UAlbany Mail
  • MyUAlbany
  • File storage/ personal web space

Account requests handled by ITS CSS Contacts

Creation or Removal of Accounts

New account requests must be submitted to ITS Client Supports Services by the ITS CSS Contact.

Specific types of Accounts forms are listed below:

Updates to Existing Accounts

The addition and removal of account access can be accomplished with the Group Access Manager by either the CSS Contact, or the Account's manager.  Please be aware that you must use Internet Explorer to access the Group Access Manager. 

To update the ownership of an account or departmental resource, please submit a Group Owner Maintenance Request

Documentation for how to use the Group Access Manager is available in the AskIT wiki.

Account Terminations/De-Provisioning

The ITS Identity and Access Management Group sends daily notifications (Monday - Friday) via email from (ITS Access Information - to each designated department(s) 'ITS Access Notice' UAlbany mail account (i.e. if there are employees in your department identified by Human Resources as being terminated, transferred or having a role change.

  • If an employee is being rehired by your department, their employment record must be updated in Human Resources within 30 days in order to maintain their computing accounts.

  • To find a listing of CSS Contacts by department/associated department number please see CSS and UAD Contacts

  • For more detailed information regarding the termination/De-Provisioning process please see CSS, UAD and HR De-Provisioning FAQ


Important Note:

When an employee is terminated and their account access is removed, their personal network files are no longer available. ITS strongly recommends that all files which need to be accessed by more than one person, or contain data needed by the department, should be stored in a departmental share rather than an individual’s personal share.


CSS Contact Tips

  1. The ‘NetID’ and ‘AlbanyID’ are required for all account modification requests
  2. An applicant must already have been added to the IAS system by Human Resources before any additions to computing account access can be processed. When an employee record has been entered in Human Resources, an AlbanyID is assigned, and a NetID and PIN are generated. This information is needed for creating any other requested accounts.
  3. 'Volunteer’ accounts:
    1. Occasionally, an account is required for someone who is not an employee. A record can still be entered in Human Resources for these people, with a status of ‘volunteer’ (contact Human Resources for details).
  4. Process to expedite adding an employee record in HR
    1. Occasionally departments find it desirable to provide new employees with IT/system access prior to their official start date. In such cases, the department has all of the basic information about the new employee but the appointment packet may not have made it through all regular channels. HR and Sponsored Funds will accept an abbreviated HRM-2 or RF Employee Appointment form, provided it is signed by the Department Head/Principal Investigator and accompanied by a cover page indicating that it is solely for the purpose of generating the AlbanyID, NetID & PIN.
    2. The policy and procedure is described in the online document 'New Employee Access to Online Services’
    3. Note: Payroll and Human Resources currently maintain two separate information pools. Receiving a paycheck does not guarantee that an employee record is up-to-date in Human Resources. Checking the online directory will confirm an active employee status in Human Resources.
  5. Checking the Status of an Account Request
    1. A Helpdesk incident is created shortly after any account request is received. To inquire about the status of a request, you can call the Helpdesk at (518) 442-3700, option 2. The processing time for a new accounts request is 5 business days.