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  • How to submit a telephone request
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To request a Mobile Jabber account, follow the instructions below and include the following information:

  • University phone number
  • User's NetID
  • User's cell phone type - Android or iPhone

Submitting a telephone request:

To submit a new request:

  1. Create an ITS Service Desk request:
    1. OR
    2. Email with "Telephone Request" as the subject line.
  2. Include the following:
    1. Extension number (For existing phones)
    2. Location - Building, Room (For new activations)
    3. Name, NetID, email address of person to be assigned to phone
    4. Change requested - See list below
  3. Optional for special requests:
    1. Device type - Telephone, Jabber for desktop, Jabber for cell phone, Conference phone, panic button, emergency phone etc.
    2. Line Appearance - By default, new phones are provided with the new number unless otherwise requested. 
    3. Voicemail - By default, users get a voicemail box, phones assigned to "vacant" don't.
    4. Calling capability - Default is Continental US

Types of requests that ITS completes:

Please submit a request to ITS if you need to do any of the following

  • Activate a new phone, desktop Jabber account, or Mobile Jabber account
  • Update whether a phone has voicemail or not
  • Update a phone for a person leaving your department or joining your department.
  • Update the line appearances or other programming on the phone
  • Update the 911 location when phones are moved to a different location.
  • Update the calling capability to International
  • Disconnecting a phone

Types of requests that you can complete:

Types of requests that HR completes:

  • Update the directory listing for Outlook, Jabber, and the online directory
    • State Employees
    • RF employees

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.