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  • How to add money to a UAlbany ID Card
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There are multiple ways to add funds to your UAlbany ID Card (formerly SUNYCard):

  • Use the UAlbany ID Card terminal located in the University library
    • University Library: Terminals are located on either side of the main Library desk on the same level as the main entrance and immediately facing it.
    • Science Library: Terminal is opposite the main Library desk, but on the First Floor (same level as Information Commons).
  • Go to and click on "GET: UAlbany ID Card Online Services" for details
  • Go to or and click on "Deposit Funds with Credit Card"
  • Visit the UAlbany ID Card Office which is located in the Campus Center B-52 (Financial Aid Office) 442-5989.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.