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How to Use Remote Desktop through the AnyConnect VPN Client

These instructions assume that you have set up Remote Desktop on your UAlbany work computer.

  1. Install the AnyConnect VPN client on the computer(s) you use to connect to your Remote Desktop-enabled work computer. The client can be obtained at
    1. Detailed VPN installation instructions can be found at
    2. Technical issues associated with installing and operating the AnyConnect VPN client are discussed here:
  2. Start the VPN client.
  3. Start Remote Desktop and proceed with your connection as you would normally. Your Remote Desktop session will be tunneled through your VPN connection, making it possible for you to connect to your work computer.

    If you are logging into a computer that is part of the UALBANY Domain you will need to enter your User Name as ualbany\netid with your password.

Please Note


Direct connections (i.e., without the VPN) to Remote Desktop services from outside the University's network are blocked as of November 1, 2011.