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You will need your SUNYCard with a Munch Money or Podium Account balance to pay for printing.

Create the document and save the file to your S Drive or removable media (i.e. Flash Drive or CD-R). Follow these steps to print the document.

  1. Select File-Print from the application you are using.
  2. Select the appropriate printer, the number of copies and any printing options.
  3. Go to the appropriate UniPrint station.
    • B/W print stations are located in each IC area.
    • Color print stations are only available in the Interactive Media Center of University Library, 1st floor of the Science Library and the main floor of the Dewey Library.
  4. Swipe your SUNYCard through the card reader at the print station.
  5. Select your document from the list.

UniPrint identifies your printout by:

  • The file name (if you created one)
  • Your NetID


Job Name




  1. Select Print.
  2. Select Log Off.


    Remember to log off to prevent others from charging their print jobs to your SUNYCard!

  3. Your print job will process.
    • PDF and PowerPoint files may need several minutes to process; it can take longer then a Word document to print. Please give the printer time to process and print out your document.