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If your web site is in RedDot and you have editor access to the page you want to revise, use the following as a guide:


  1. Launch Internet Explorer and go to
  2. Login using your RedDot User Name and Password.  (Note: The password is case sensitive)
  3. Select the page you wish to edit.
  4. When the page opens in RedDot, click on the red dot to 'open' the page.  Depending on the template used to create the page, you may be clicking the red dot labeled 'Open Page' or 'Open Content Area of Page'.
  5. Then click on the red dot for the section you wish to edit.
  6. Make the changes in the Editor and click OK.
  7. Click the Tasks tab.  You should see a line for the page you edited.  Then right-click the mouse and left-click 'Submit to Workflow'.
  8. Then go back to your page.  Open it (from the main foundation page), right-click the mouse and left-click "Publish Page."
  9. RedDot will send you an email when the revised page is published on the web.
  10. Confirm the page is displaying as intended by viewing the live web site.  (Note: If you already have the page open in your browser, you will need to refresh the page to view the new edits.)

When you finish a RedDot session, always 'Logout' before closing your browser.