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The Group Access Manager can be accessed through the ITS web site under Quick Links or directly at

The Group Access Manager will allow you to search for University Faculty, Staff, or Students. The search box is flexible with the information it will accept. Please note that when searching for names, the Group Access Manager will be looking for the name set as "Chosen" in MyUAlbany rather than the full legal name.

The Group Access Manager will accept partial name searches. Be aware that with partial searches, you will need to make your selection from a list of results that match your search terms.

Example: John Smith

Yes: "Jacob Smith", "J Smith", "Jac Smith", "Jacom Smi" "Smith" (Depending on how common the name is, this may not be a reliable search option)

No: "Smith Jacob", "Smith, Jacob"

The most reliable way to search for somebody is with their NetID. If you do not have a complete NetID, you can use a partial one. You must include the first two letters, or the search results will fail.

Example: JS123456

Yes: "JS123", "JS1", "JS"

No: "S123456", "S123", "S"

A partial NetID search is useful if you do not know the entire NetID, and do not know the correct spelling for a person's name

If there is a hyphen linking two names together you must include it.

Example: Sally-Marie Smith (two part first name with hyphen, last name)

Yes: “Sally-Marie” or “Sally-Marie Smith”

Yes: “Joseph John”, “Joseph J.”, “Joseph J. Smith”, “Joseph John Smith”, “Smith”, “John Smith”, “J. Smith”
No: “Joseph Smith”
No: “Sally Smith”, “Smith, Sally-Marie”, “Smith Sally-Marie”, “Smith, Sally”, “Smith Sally”

If a person’s name has three parts, you can’t search by typing the first and last name without the middle name. However, you can search by typing the first and middle name without the last name, or the middle and last name without their first name.

Example: Joseph John Smith (two part first name and last name)

NetIDs will always work, so if you cannot find a person by their name, please substitute their NetID.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.