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  • Group Access Manager - Adding or Removing Users From a Group
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Add or remove people from a security group that you manage.


  1. The Group Access Manager can be accessed through the ITS web site under Quick Links or directly at

    Please note that you must be either on campus or connected via VPN to access this site. Please refer here for assistance using the VPN service.

  2. Once you have logged into the Group Access Manager online interface, you must choose the group you would like to manage.
  3. To see all groups you manage, click on Manage my SGs

  4. You will then be presented with a list of groups for which you are listed as a manager, as well as several options along the top of the screen. 
  5. To view basic information about your group, including who is a member, and who manages it, click on the group name in the list.

  6. A new window will pop up, showing you the general information for your group. To modify that group's members, click on the Members tab.

  7. Below the current membership, you can add or remove members from the group. To do either, click in the appropriate text box, and enter the name or netid of the person you would like to add or remove.

    If you are entering a full name, enter it in the format of Firstname Lastname (ex: John Doe). For more information on what will work for a name, and what won't, please review these rules.

    Please be aware that you cannot add a group to a group. The FIM Portal will not allow this. If you need a large number of people added to a group, please contact the Identity and Access Management Group

  8. Once you have entered a name, click on the small green check mark icon to the right. This will double check the information you entered, and, if correct, return their full underlined name. 

    If you would like to add or remove multiple people at once, you can enter their names or netids separated by a semicolon and a space. Remember to click on the green 'validate and resolve' button after you enter your list.

  9. Click OK, and you will see a summary of your actions.

  10. Click on Submit to submit the changes. If they are successful, the window will close.

  11. If you would like to verify your changes, click on the name of the group, and verify your updates on the members tab.

    It may take up to two hours before your changes take effect.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.