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  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Clutter Feature in UAlbany Mail
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What is Clutter and how does it work?

Clutter is a feature in UAlbany Mail to help you save time when viewing your Inbox by filtering out low priority messages that you are not likely to read, based on how you currently treat mail messages  in your Inbox. Please click the image below to view a short video to learn more about how Clutter works.

I enabled Clutter but nothing happened.

Clutter "learns' your email handling behavior and then takes action. If you want to help Clutter learn what to do with some specific email messages, simply move the mail message to the Clutter folder.

I am using a shared mailbox and I don't see the Clutter feature.

You can only use the Clutter feature in a user's mailbox. Clutter does not work in shared mailboxes..

How does Clutter know that it should move my messages from my Inbox to the Clutter folder?

For example, when you receive an email message from Sally Smith, you quickly open it, read it and respond. The Clutter feature will learn that mail from Sally Smith is important and should be left in your Inbox. On the other hand, when you receive an email message from Joe Doe and you either don't open it or quickly delete it, the Clutter feature learns that this is not an important message and will move it to the Clutter folder.                                                                                                                            

I have set up rules to organize my UAlbany Mail message. Will Clutter ruin them?

Clutter will respect your existing rules and not act on any messages for which you already have an existing email rule.

I don't like the Clutter feature. Can I turn it off?

Yes, you can turn off the Clutter feature. In OWA, go to Options and then click Automatic Processing.

I turned off Clutter but there are still messages in the folder.

After turning off Clutter, the Clutter folder will still exist and any email messages that were in the Clutter folder will remain there until you move them to a different location.

I don't want to keep any of the mail in the Clutter folder. Can I delete it?

In the Outlook client, simply right-click on the Clutter folder, and select Delete All.



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