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  • Forward All UAlbany Mail To Another Address
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Using a Forward All Rule as described here may result in some of your messages from certain domains (like Facebook, American Express, and Shutterfly) not being received. Please consider another option.

  1. Log in to UAlbany Mail:
  2. Once you are logged in, select the Settings tool in the upper right (looks like a gear) and select View all Outlook settings from the bottom of the menu that opens.

  3. You will see the options below.  Select Forwarding, then check the Enable forwarding box and enter an email address you wish to forward your mail to.  You have the option to Keep a copy of the forwarded messages in Outlook Web App. Check the box if you would like to keep a copy.
  4. Once you verify the email address is correct, select Save at the bottom right of that window.