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Location of data file

The home directory is the initial directory you arrive at when you login to your Unix account. If you are unsure, login to your Unix account and type the command 'pwd' (print working directory).

The subdirectory where your data file will reside can be called anything you like and will be created by a script you will run after receiving confirmation that you have been registered.

For example if your home directory is "/home1/c/w/zz1234" and you want your data placed in a subdirectory called "formdat" you would enter "/home1/c/w/zz1234/formdat" in the request form.

Separating your data

By default your data will be separated by commas.
For example:

If you choose quoted and comma delimited your data will first be quoted with double quotes then delimited with commas.
For example:

Finally, you may wish to separate your data values with tab characters.
For example:
6/22/2010 snacks chips cookies icecream

Note: Your choice may depend on the type of data you plan on receiving as well as the program you will use to analyze your data file. For example: If you suspect a user may enter a comma "," in one of your form fields, you would want to store your data delimited with tabs or quoted and comma delimited.

Maximum size of your data file

The default maximum size for your data files is 2 MB.

In the event you need your maximum value raised or lowered, specify this value in the registration form. 


We will notify you if your maximum data file size is exceeded or there is a problem writing to your account.