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File Storage 

There are several different file storage options provided or available by request:

If you are unsure which file storage option best suits your need, please visit the comparison chart.

File Sharing

For this topic, the word "sharing" describes a situation where all parties are viewing the same physical file object or there is some automatic mechanism to synchronize all parties' copies of the file(s).  The parties' permissions to edit or create files may vary, but everyone is in essence working in the same shared space.

Some of the UAlbany file storage options having sharing features.  Choose one of the options below to learn more:

Emailing Files

A common need different from "sharing" files is emailing other parties a copy of the current or final version of your file.  It is very quick and easy to accommodate the need to distribute a file, but it has its limitations.  You may continue working on the original file, but the other parties do not see any updates to you work unless you choose to send them another copy.

You must also be careful when sending a file containing sensitive or protected data.  Such files sent in email to email addresses travel over the public internet in plain text. It is highly recommended that such data be encrypted using one of the procedures below before attaching the document in email:

Encrypt Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) (Windows)

Encrypt Mac Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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