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About the Service

This space was historically the location for Network Applications, so the share name is actually "NetApps".  More recently it has been called U-wide space since the customers accessing a folder are spread across many divisions rather than predominantly belonging to a particular division.  Folders in this file space are special cases.

This space is not automatically mapped as a drive for any customers.  So the drive letter on a Windows workstation may vary from person to person.

Accessing the Space

Accessing from on or off campus

Quota and Current Usage

Check usage and quota

Request more space

Restoring Deleted Files or Folders

Restore deleted files in Windows 7

Restore deleted files in Mac OS X

Sharing Files or Folders

Each folder in the U-wide space has been specifically requested by someone who then becomes the Manager/Owner of that folder.  The owner defines the group of UAlbany customers that may access that folder.  The owner may add or remove people from the list over time as needed.  Only those listed in the group may access that folder.  The owner may also request that additional owners be named for that particular folder in order to assist or share the responsibility of managing the security group membership.  Owners may add anyone with a University NetID to the security group.  Additionally, those customers that have been defined as an ITS CSS Contact for the folder manager's department or division have the ability to manage the security group.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.