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  • File Storage - ITSUnix Cluster Departmental Folders
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As of December 2018, ITS is no longer offering this service. If you already have ITSUnix Cluster Departmental Folders, you can use the information here to access them, but no new folders are being created.

If you have a need for departmental storage, ITS has other service offerings you may consider.

About the Service

These folders are not common, but they provided group file sharing space for faculty working on the ITSUnix Cluster.  Each folder has a named owner/manager.

Accessing the Space

These folders can be found in the /dept folder after connecting with an SFTP client:

Instructions (Windows or Mac)

  1. Install an SFTP client (such as WinSCP or CyberDuck). 
  2. Run the SFTP application.
  3. Use the following settings, when prompted:
    • File protocol: SFTP 
    • Host name: 
    • Username: Your UAlbany NetID 
    • Password: Your UAlbany password
    • Port number: 22 
  4. You can then transfer files between your Departmental Folder and your local computer.

Disk Usage

  1. Make an SFTP connection to
  2. Change the remote working directory to the /dept folder.
  3. Right-click on your folder (/dept/yourfolder) and choose Properties.  
  4. Click Calculate to display the size of the folder:

Restoring Deleted Files or Folders

If a file or folder restore is needed, please submit a Service Desk ticket.

Sharing Files or Folders

Each departmental folder has been specifically requested by someone who then becomes the Manager/Owner of that departmental folder.  The owner defines the group of UAlbany customers (by their NetID) that may access that departmental folder.  The owner may add or remove people from the group over time as needed by submitting a Service Desk ticket.  Only those listed in the group may access that folder.  The owner may also request that one or more subdirectories be created; each may have a different owner and security group.  Note that those defined as an ITS CSS Contact for the departmental folder owner's division also have the ability to manage these security groups as well.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.