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  • Export List Subscribers to a .CSV Format
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You can view a list of all subscribers and export the list to a file.

To obtain a list of Listserv list subscribers in a .csv format, please complete the following instructions. 


  1. Visit the LISTSERV Web Interface:
  2. Click on Mailing List Management Interface.
  3. Click the number of subscribers next to the name of the list you are working on:
  4. Under Report Format, click on Table and change it to CSV Format.
  5. Optionally, click Customize Report to add or remove fields to be included in your report.
  6. Click Update. A file called subscriber-report.csv will be downloaded by your browser.  

    Please note that the export list report will always be named "subscriber-report.csv". Please rename the file if you will be exporting the subscribers for several Listserv lists.  



Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.