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The University at Albany licenses Ensemble Video for the purpose of efficient delivery of media for teaching and learning activities. The license cost is based upon storage usage in the system. ITS is required to manage the storage usage of Ensemble to ensure responsible stewardship of university resources. This entails periodic removal of media files that are no longer necessary to be stored on the system.

Media Cleanup Schedule

ITS reviews the usage of media files bi-annually (Fall and Spring) and deletes files that meet the following criteria:

  • All files older than 1 year that have NEVER been viewed
  • All files last viewed longer than 2 years in past.

The following FAQ intend to clarify questions about this process.

How can I download and save my files from Ensemble?

As a best practice you should always save a local copy of your media files that you upload to Ensemble.

Will ITS keep archives of the files to be removed from Ensemble Video?

No. You are able to download your videos for storage.

Why does ITS use these criteria?

Ensemble is intended for storage and delivery of content that is current in nature (active coursework), we make the assumption that if media has never been viewed for a year, then it is unlikely to be used in a course. Two years seems a reasonable period of time for which the usefulness of media should have been established. If media has not been viewed in two years’ time, we deem that to be no longer needed for delivery to students.

What if I don't teach my course for more than two years?

If you reuse a Blackboard course that contains links to deleted Ensemble Video files, you should begin by removing the broken links from the Blackboard course. Next, you re-upload your videos to Ensemble and re-link them in Blackboard using the Ensemble Video Mashup tool.

What will happen to links in my Blackboard courses that are associated with deleted media files?

The links will be broken. If you reuse the previous Blackboard course (Copy/Import into a future Blackboard course), links will need to recreated.

What if I am preparing a new course and wish to populate video links in advance?

If you will be preparing your course that will be active longer than a year in the future, and your videos are at hand, we recommend using placeholders in the Blackboard course that you can link up later, closer to the start of the course.

Repository of Communication about this Action

  File Modified
PDF File EnsembleMediaCleanup-20210210.pdf Mar 08, 2021 by Justin Albohn
PDF File EnsembleMediaCleanup-20210224.pdf Mar 08, 2021 by Justin Albohn
PDF File EnsembleMediaCleanup-20210309.pdf Mar 09, 2021 by Justin Albohn

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