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  • Ensemble LTI Not working in Chrome 80 Browser
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Some users have reported encountering errors when trying to use the Ensemble Video Mashup in Blackboard or accessing the Ensemble system directly.
ITS has replicated this behavior and found that the likely cause is that Chrome browser version 80 included a change to how it handles cookies in regards to the SameSite and Secure properties


This problem can be resolved by an upgrade to the Ensemble Video version the campus is using.  This is not expected to occur until summer 2020.

Work Around

To enable the Ensemble LTI to work properly using Chrome you need to update the Chrome browser security settings:

  1. Start the Chrome browser

  2. In the address bar type chrome://flags/ and hit enter

     view image...

  3. Search for 'samesite'. 
    • There are three flags.
  4.  Select Disabled for all 3

     view image...

    Completing this allows the Ensemble LTI to load successfully in Blackboard when using the Chrome web browser. 

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.