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  • Ensemble - Enable Library Access to Non-Owner
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An Ensemble contributor user (instructor) needs access to the content that is stored in a different library.  This would be most typical when instructors in a department are storing videos in a departmental library.  Note, each organization has a corresponding library (for example, School of Social Welfare as a library titled "RSSW").


Once you determine that the instructor does indeed require such access follow the steps below.


This is different than Shared Libraries.

Enable Access to Departmental Library

  1. Navigate to the Library to which you will grant permission.

  2. On the left hand menu, click Administration > Organization > Permissions.

  3. On the All Resource Types drop-down, select Libraryand type the library name in the search field.  The library will automatically be displayed in the resource list.

  4. Click the Permissions button.

  5. Click the Bulk button and choose Add Permissions.

  6. Be sure the Role = Contributor

  7. Filter the Organization to the department of the user with whom you will enable library permission.

  8. Select the user from the list

  9. Click Save

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.