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Request Access to ITS Services

If you retired before June 1, 2020, and are activating your UAlbany account for the first time as an emeritus please email

If you retired after June 1, 2020, please follow the step-by-step instructions on keeping your access available here.

How is an Emeritus identified?

Individuals are identified as an Emeritus by their Human Resources employment record upon retiring from the university if they were a member of United University Professions or Management Confidential.  An individual's Human Resources employment record must indicate Emeritus status.

What if my employment record in Human Resources does not indicate that I am of Emeritus status?

If you do not see the Emeritus task in MyUAlbany for retaining services and you believe your Emeritus status employment record is incorrect, please contact Human Resources to have your records updated accordingly.

What services are Emeriti entitled to and what happens upon retirement?

1. ITS requests information about what access should be removed by notifying the former department via a termination notification.

2. Emeriti are able to retain their email and access to online resources once they complete their last day of employment at the University by completing the Task in MyUAlbany called "Emeritus Invitation." For a list of services that are retained, please click here for a complete list of services.

3. An Emeritus is individually accountable for reporting whether they want to retain email and access to applicable University online services to the Identity and Access Management Office.

What process takes place if Emeritus choose to retain services?

1.  An Emeritus will receive three notices alerting them that their access to UAlbany digital services will be removed at the end of 30 days, unless they log in to MyUAlbany and complete either "Emeritus Invitation" or "Emeritus Renewal," task*.  To see step by step instructions for completing the MyUAlbany Task, please go here.

2. The termination notice will be sent to the individual as well as the department. The individual, department or both can reply to the termination notification and indicate if they would like to retain access as an Emeritus at that time. The ITS Identity and Access Management Group will update and remove appropriate access indicated by the department at that time.

3. Should an Emeritus decide to retain email and access to applicable University online services, they will be notified by an annual renewal email notification sent by the ITS Identity and Access Management Group.

The email notification will only be sent to the Emeritus UAlbany email address i.e.

How do I activate my mailbox if it's not already activated or I forgot my password and need to reset it?

You will need to follow password set/reset process and obtain NetID

How do I use Outlook Web App - OWA to access UAlbany Mail?

Please follow the instructions found at Use Outlook on the web to Access UAlbany Mail

What if I prefer to use another email service and want to forward my UAlbany Mail to another email provider?

Please follow the instructions found at Forward All UAlbany Mail To Another Address

This is a good idea as the annual renewal notification sent by the ITS Identity and Access Management Group will only be sent to the UAlbany email address i.e.