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Policy Statement:

Effective Fall 2005, email will be used as an official method for communicating with students. This policy stipulates that the University can convey relevant academic and administrative information to targeted student populations via their UAlbany email account. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the content of messages delivered to them in this format.


This policy pertains to all graduate, undergraduate and non-degree students. UAlbany email accounts are assigned to students when they become eligible to enroll for courses, and will be designated as the student's official email address for the purposes of University email communications.


Students are responsible for checking their University email accounts frequently and consistently, and for familiarizing themselves with the content of University messages. Because correspondence may be time-sensitive, students are encouraged to check their accounts daily. Use of the official UAlbany email account provided by the University is strongly encouraged. Students may opt to redirect email to an account of their own choosing, but do so at their own risk. The University does not guarantee delivery to forwarded addresses. Errors in forwarding, messages returned 'Mailbox Full' or 'User Unknown', or failing to check email are not acceptable excuses for missing official University communications.

The University is responsible for exercising discretion regarding the use and content of email messages. Student information should only be shared with employees of the University or its agents with a legitimate educational interest in that information. All faculty/staff must be familiar with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to ensure the content of email messages is consistent with those guidelines. For more information, see the section on Release of Student Information in the University's Undergraduate Bulletin. Additionally, all messages should be compliant with the ITS guidelines established in the companion to this document, Guidelines for Email as an Official Means of Communication with Students.


The University cannot guarantee confidentiality in electronic communications to students.


The Office of the Chief Information Officer shall establish guidelines and procedures as may be appropriate for the implementation of this policy. Please refer to these guidelines for more information.

Companion Documents

Guidelines for Email as an Official Means of Communication with Students

Adopted: September 2005
Last Revised: February 2012
Last Reviewed: December 2014

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