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On August 1, 2018, The University Libraries upgraded the electronic reserves system.  As a part of this upgrade the Blackboard integration with electronic reserves will undergo a slight modification.  This will be a transitional process to avoid disruption of electronic reserves service during the fall 2018 semester.

The label for adding a link to electronic reserves in Blackboard courses is being changed from ARes Course Reserves to Electronic Reserves.  Throughout the fall 2018 semester both options will be available in course menus.  Both options result in the same outcome - creation of a page on the Library's electronic reserves system that corresponds to your Blackboard course.  Either option will work but if you haven't already added a link for ARes Course Reserves, then we recommend at this time that you should use the Electronic Reserves option, since this will remain after the fall 2018 semester.  The option for ARes Course Reserves will be removed from Blackboard in early January, 2019.  It is necessary to maintain both options so as to avoid breaking links that have already been created in fall 2018 Blackboard courses using the ARes Course Reserves option.

How This Change Looks in Your Blackboard Course

Please take a few minutes to view the examples below of how these options are made available in your Blackboard courses.  

Add a link to electronic reserves on the Course Menu

When you click the Add Menu Item at the top of the Course Menu and expand the Type menu, you will see both the ARes Course Reserves and Electronic Reserves options.

Add Menu Item to Blackboard Course Menu


Add a link to electronic reserves on a Content Area menu

When you click the Tools menu at the top of a Content Area and click More Tools, you will see both the ARes Course Reserves and Electronic Reserves options.

Add Tool link to Blackboard Content Area



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