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Eduroam allows students, faculty, staff, and researchers from participating institutions to connect to the Internet using their UAlbany credentials when visiting other participating institutions.  University at Albany community members can obtain Internet access while at UAlbany, as well as other campuses that support Eduroam.

For more information about Eduroam, visit the website.

Where to find Eduroam

Eduroam can be found at multiple universities in the United States, as well as abroad.

How to connect to Eduroam

Follow these general steps to connect to Eduroam:

  1. On your Internet enabled device, open the WiFi settings
  2. In the list of available networks, select the eduroam network
  3. When prompted for your username and password:
    1. For username, enter your (entering just your NetID is not sufficient)
    2. For password, enter your UAlbany password
  4. You may be prompted to accept a security certificate the first time you use Eduroam. Accept the security certificate to connect to the Eduroam network.
Once your device has successfully connected to the Eduroam wireless network at the University at Albany, it should connect automatically when you select the Eduroam wireless signal at participating institutions.

Configuring your device for Eduroam

If the summary steps above do not allow your device to connect, you may need to enter configuration settings based on the operating system or device being used.

Follow the steps used for connecting to UAlbany WiFi from Getting Connected - UAlbany WiFi, except that, you must enter the username as instead of just your NetID.

Instructions are provided for popular operating systems and mobile devices to assist with configuring your equipment.

Some devices may not be able to connect and use the campus wireless network.

Getting Support

For further assistance with configuring Eduroam on University-owned equipment, please contact your Technology Coordinator prior to traveling off-campus with your mobile device.

Once you configure your device to successfully use the Eduroam wireless service while you are on the University at Albany campus, your device should automatically connect to the wireless network at any participating Eduroam institution. Support for the Eduroam service varies by campus. Should you experience difficulty using Eduroam elsewhere, you may be directed to contact your home institution for assistance.

Please confirm connectivity to the eduroam wireless signal at your home institution prior to visiting another participating institution.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.