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HTML Documents created in Blackboard CE8 are not editable in 9.1.  Blackboard is planning to release an updated text editor which we hope will allow "in-place" editing of existing HTML documents but the timeframe for general availability is not specified.


While you could download the HTML documents to edit offline in an editor like Dreamweaver, we suggest a quick way to edit your HTML documents within Blackboard - copy/paste.  These steps show how to copy the content from your existing HTML documents and paste them into a new Blackboard content Item or Blank Page which will then be editable within Blackboard.

In your Course Content or Learning Modules area, locate the HTML Document you want to edit and click the file to open.  

For this example, you would click “Types of Writing”.

The document will display as shown below.

Select all the text and click Edit > Copy (or press Ctrl-c on the keyboard). 

Add a new content item in the desired Course Content or Learning Module area.

Click Build Content > Item (or Blank Page)

To paste the text in the Text Box, click Edit > Paste (or press Ctrl-v on the keyboard).

So you don’t have the title of the document listed twice, cut “Types of Writing” and paste it into the Name field above.

Be sure to check formatting and spacing.

Click Submit.

The the newly created item is listed below at the bottom of the page ( you may need to scroll down ) and is available for editing.

To move the newly created item to where you want, put your mouse over the double vertical arrows to the left of the item title ( or in the blank space to the right of item title ) and your mouse will turn into a cross-arrow icon. 

Click, drag and drop. 

To delete the original file, click the drop down arrow to the right of the words "Types of Writing" and choose “Delete”.

To edit the item we just created, click the drop down arrow to the right of the words "Types of Writing" and choose “Edit”.