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Dynamic Distribution Groups (DDGs) in UAlbany Mail are a special kind of distribution groups.  There are no direct "members" of DDGs, as in normal Distribution Groups or Listserv lists, but instead there is a defined query that runs each time a message is sent to the group that finds matching recipients. 

The following attributes are available for configuring DDG recipients:

  • Division (as Determined by the Human Resources Organization tree)
  • Department Code (as Determined by the Human Resources Organization tree)
  • Primary Affiliation
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Student
    • Affiliate
    • Alum

You can use any of the above attributes to build a DDG. For example, you could request to have a DDG created that would reach:

  • All Staff members of the Academic Affairs Division
  • All Faculty members in the School of Education Division
  • All Faculty members of any particular Department in the School of Business Division

If codes are not available for the desired audience, then a DDG can not be created for the that purpose.

Since there are no direct members of DDGs, there is no way to add or remove a single person to or from a DDG.  If someone should be on a list and is not, then that person should contact HR to correct their Eduperson codes or affiliations.

To request a Dynamic Distribution Group, please submit the Distribution Group Request Form and check the box near the bottom to "Create Dynamic Distribution Group". Include the criteria you want to use for the audience in the Special Instructions field.  ITS will contact you to make arrangements. 

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.