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  • Duplex Printing in the Information Commons - Windows
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To print on both sides of paper (duplex), follow the instructions below. The exact settings vary depending on the program you use, but should be similar to the following.


  1. With your document open, click File > Print
  2. Click Properties or go to the printing options
  3. Select "Two-sided (duplex) Printing" or "Print on both sides" (the name will be something like this)
    • Make sure that "Yes, Flip Over" is selected for Print on Both Sides
    • Click OK to save your choices if the options are in a window the Properties window and Print window

  4. Click Print to send the document to the printer with your selected options

Printing 2 pages on one sheet will cost the same as printing 2 pages on separate sheets of paper.

Example Images

Below are examples of duplex print settings from some common applications.

Duplex print settings for Mozilla Firefox on WindowsDuplex print settings for Microsoft Word on Windows

Duplex print settings for Adobe Reader on Windows

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