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  • Download and Save Media from Ensemble to OneDrive for Business
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Ensemble is a space to house media actively being used in courses and not meant to be a long-term storage solution.   Media Libraries have storage limits of 25GB or about 20 hours.  To help manage the cost of storage and usage, files are deleted annually around June 1.  This is done based on the following criteria:

  • Files older than one year that have never been viewed
  • Files last viewed longer than two years prior

As a best practice you should always save a local copy of your media files that you upload to Ensemble.  We recommend using your university OneDrive account which offers significant storage capacity.  Follow these steps to download a file from Ensemble to your local computer and then upload those files to OneDrive which is available anywhere and allows you to share content with others using URL links. 


Download Media From Ensemble

  1. Login to Ensemble:
  2. From your Media Library choose the file and select Download

  3. Save the file locally to your computer.

Option to Sync OneDrive to Windows Folder

If you sync your OneDrive folder to your local device, you can download directly to the folder and the file will additionally be synced with the OneDrive cloud storage, allowing you to skip the next section.

Upload File(s) to OneDrive

  1. After you have saved your file(s), go to MyUAlbany and log in to OneDrive for Business

  2. Drag and Drop or manually Upload your File(s).

You can upload your files to Ensemble when they are needed again for a future course.

Watch a video demonstration...

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.