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  • Discussion instructions no longer appear to students
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The description of Discussion Forums no longer display to students inside the Forum (after they click into the Forum to read/post messages).  Many instructors use the description field to enter instructions, guidance, or expectations about participating in the online discussion.  If you feel it is important that the description be available inside the Forum, follow the solution steps below.


Copy the description as the first thread of the Forum and, optionally, in order to mimic the functionality of Bb 8, in the description of the discussion item that you might add to the Content Area or Learning Module.

  1. Description in the Forum

    1. The Week 1 Forum and your discussion instructions are shown below.

  2. Description as First Discussion Post 
    1. When you click “Week 1” to enter the Forum the description (instructions/question) is not displayed.  Consider copying/pasting your instructions/questions(s) as the first post in the discussion thread.
    2. To do so, click Create Thread.

    3. Enter or paste the description content.

    4. Click

  3. Description in the Content Area or Learning Module discussion item
    1. Go into your Content
    2. Area/Learning Module.
    3. Click Add Interactive Tool and choose Discussion Board.

    4. Select a Discussion Board Forum (ex, "Week 1") and click Next

    5. Enter or paste the description content.

    6. Click

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