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  • Deprovisioning and the Group Access Manager
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All IAM Contacts share the same responsibilities to request new departmental mailboxes and accounts. In the absence of a group owner, they are also authorized to request additions, removals, and modifications to departmental account groups. The full outline of IAM Contact responsibilities may be found here. 

Deprovisioning notices

The displayed owner for a shared resource will receive an automated notification alerting them to any changes in membership for all groups which have them listed as the displayed owner. 

When a department becomes aware that an employee is transferring or otherwise leaving that department, it is the primary responsibility of the folder owners to ensure that any unnecessary access has been cleaned up. This may be done in the Group Access Manager. 

If you discover a possible error in the deprovisioning report, please contact the Office of Human Resources and verify that the employee's employment data has been correctly entered. Once their job records have been verified as correct, their account will no longer be subject to automatic closure.

For an in-depth description of the deprovisioning process and account closures, please refer to the Deprovisioning FAQ.