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  • Creating A Conditional Forwarding Rule Using OWA
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If you have multiple email addresses/aliases associated with your mailbox and need to filter mail based on which address the sender used, you will need to create a conditional forwarding rule.  The directions here will create a rule that redirects incoming mail to your mailbox that is sent to a particular proxy/alternate email address.

  1. Log into your mailbox at

  2. Click the gear icon on the top right and choose Options.

  3. Click Inbox Rules:
  4. Click the + icon to create a new rule:
  5. Give the rule a name (something like "Redirect email sent to uamail").
  6. For When the message arrives, and:, choose It was sent or received > Sent to...
  7. Type the appropriate variant of your email address into the box to the right of To: and then click Use this address:...
  8. Click OK.  This will return you to the previous page.
  9. Click on Select one under 'Do the following:  and choose Forward, redirect, or send > Redirect the message to....
  10. This will again open a new window where you can choose where to redirect the message.  Enter the address you wish to redirect these messages to the right of To: and then click Use this address:...
  11. Click OK.  This will close that window and return you to the previous one.
  12. Review your new rule in the New Inbox Rule window. If everything looks correct, click on OK.
  13. Your new rule will appear in your rule list. If you need to modify the rule, select it and click the pencil icon: