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If you have multiple email addresses and need to filter mail based on what address the sender used you will need to create a conditional forwarding rule as follows:

  1. Log into UAlbany Mail
  2. Click on Options, then Create an Inbox Rule
  3. Click on New... 
    1. In the new window, click More Options, then, click on Select one under 'When the message arrives, and:
    2. Click on It includes these words and choose in the message header from the expanding pane
    3. Enter the email address that you want to have messages redirected from and click the green + symbol. Then click OK
  4. Click on Select one under 'Do the following:  and choose Forward, redirect, or send and then click Redirect the message to from the expanding pane
    1. Enter the email address you want to redirect the message to, and click OK
  5. Review your new rule in the New Inbox Rule window. If everything looks correct, click on Save
    1. Your new rule will appear in your rule list. If you need to modify the rule, double click it.