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  • Create, update or delete an appointment in Outlook
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To create, update, or delete an Appointment on a Calendar, follow the steps below.


Create an Appointment

  1. Double-click on the calendar where you want to add an appointment.
  2. An Untitled-Appointment window will appear.  Set the Start time, Subject, and Location of the event using the appropriate fields.  Once done, select Save & Close.

    1. (optional) You can invite yourself if you want to have this meeting added to your own calendar too by clicking on the Invite Attendees button and adding yourself to the To field.
  3. The appointment has been added to the calendar.

Update an Appointment

  1. Double-click on the appointment that you want to modify.
  2. A window with your appointment details will appear. Make your changes.
  3. Click the Save & Close Button.
  4. Your appointment has been updated on the calendar.

Delete an Appointment

  1. Either right-click on the appointment and choose Delete or single-click on the appointment and press the Delete key.
  2. The appointment has been deleted from the calendar.

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