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You can copy an entire Blackboard course or a subset of course materials between your courses.  Since your courses from a previous semester are most likely still available to you, you can copy those courses for re-use in a current or future semester.

Note about Electronic Reserves

The following does not apply to content in electronic reserves.  You cannot copy electronic reserve pages from within the Blackboard system.  To set up an electronic reserves site for a new semester you need to create the electronic reserves page in your new Blackboard course and then request that the Library's electronic reserves staff copy the data from your previous electronic reserves page to the new one.

Note about Course Copies

When your course copy is completed if it appears that it was not successful, look at the bottom of your course menu to locate the course materials.

  1. Log in to the previous semester's course that you want to copy into your new course. 
    For example, if you want to copy a course from Fall 2012 into a Fall 2013 course, you must go to the Fall 2012 course and follow the steps below.

  2. On the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities > Course Copy.

    Select Copy Type
  3. For Select Copy Type choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course (this is your only option).

    Select Copy Options
  4. In the Destination Course ID field, type a Course ID or browse to select your new course that will be populated with content and settings that you are copying. 

  5. Select the course materials that you want to copy over to your new course.

    Note:  A course copy operation cannot be completed if you do not select at least one of the following areas: Content, Staff Information or Settings. If none of these options are selected a warning is displayed.

    -- Click Select All to copy all materials, assignments, and settings.

    File Attachments

  6. Select the button for Copy links and copies of the content.

  7. DO NOT select the checkbox for Include Enrollments - LEAVE IT EMPTY.  This would enroll the roster of your previous course into your new course, resulting in confusion for you and your students. 

  8. Click Submit.

More Info

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.