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The following message was received by at least one member of the campus community. It is an attempt to trick you into revealing personal information about yourself and/or your University computing account. If you receive this message or anything similar, you can safely ignore and delete it.

From: Webmail Technical Support
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2012 9:26 AM
Subject: Congestion Alert....Email Upgrade!!!

                                   *****Webmail Information Technology Unit*****

Dear Webmail Customer,

   This is to inform you that, there has been a recent flaw in our webmail server, and due to this downtime, most of our email relays has been delayed and some other email accounts, unable to receive emails at as when due.

    Thus, our technical Unit has successfully been able to detect and fixed this current problem amicably, and now require you to migrate to our new improved email server manually, by clicking on the link below and thus login your account details to enable you have your account successfully migrated to the new repaired Mail Server.

  Thanks for your understanding. Please remember that in a few days time, the old email server will be completely shut down, and any email account that has not yet been updated, will be completly shut down as well.


Webmail Team.