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In the computer classrooms (e.g. DR-23, AS-13, Digital Workshops), the PC's have available two types of shared network drives where the instructor and the students can share files. 

The R-Drive (Folder Name---R:\\lincoln\classes\YourClass101)

This drive is on all the PC's in the computer classrooms and the Information Commons.

  • Instructors and their TA's have Write-Delete priveleges in this folder.  Faculty can map to this drive from their office or home using their logon credentials to access the class folder.
  • Students have only Read priveleges.
     Size:    5Gb

The X-Drive (Folder Name---X:\\lincoln\rooms\YourClassRoom)

This drive is on all the PC's specifically for that particular computer classroom.

  • Instructors and Students have Read-Write-Delete priveleges in this folder. 
  • This folder can only be accessed in the specific classroom.

    There are no RESTORE features for the data in the folder.

     Size:    20Gb