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This page is a compilation of problems encountered and their solution(s). You may also find your issue addressed on Nolij Web Bug Alerts

Java 8 and Nolij Web


Because the developers of Firefox and Chrome have disabled the Java API, the only current browser in which Java will now work with Nolij Web is Internet Explorer.

Enable Java with Nolij in Internet Explorer:  While logged in to use Nolij in Internet Explorer, see if there is a “lego” (for lack of better description) in the top right hand corner of the browser.   

If it is RED click on it and set the JAVA settings to “Allow and remember”.

Documents do not appear in folders when they are uploaded in Nolij Web


When uploading files to a folder in Nolij Web, the uploaded files do not appear in the folder until the refresh button is clicked. The internet browser used is Firefox 17, 18, 19 or 20 when this occurs. Other browsers do not encounter the issue.

Java Applet Errors

When Nolij Web loads, it requests the browser to load an applet. The browser should either start Java Runtime Engine (JRE), if it is installed on the computer, or prompt you to download JRE.  However, you may receive messages in Nolij Web or from your browser about Java errors, such as problems communicating with Java Applets or RuntimeException errors. This could be caused by any of the following:
• You may have permanently rejected the prompt to download and install the appropriate version of JRE.
• The browser is configured to reject applets.
• An older version of JRE is installed on your computer, and it is incompatible with Nolij Web.
To work around this issue, check the version of Java running on your computer by going to http:// You can download the appropriate version of JRE from this website if necessary.

Add Nolij Web to Java exception site list

 Go to the Java Control Panel  (On Windows Click Start -> Java -> Configure Java)
·  Click on the Security tab
·  Click on the Edit Site List button
·  Click Add in the Exception Site List
·  Click in the empty field under the Location field to enter the URL:

Clearing the Java Plug-in cache

Requirements for using Nolij Web are a java-enabled browser and having the browser allow pop-ups. If there is still an issue with function, please clear the java cache to allow the most recent version of the program to load. These instructions obtained from Clearing the Java Plug-in cache forces the browser to load the latest versions of web pages and programs.
To clear the Java Plug-in cache:

Open the Java Control Panel

On Windows, open Start > Control Panel

On OS X, open Apple menu > System Preferences

Double-click the Java icon. The Java Control Panel appears.

Under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings. The Temporary Files Settings dialog box appears.

Click Delete Files. The Delete Temporary Files dialog box appears.

Click OK on Delete Temporary Files window

This deletes all the Downloaded Applications and Applets from the cache.

Click OK on Temporary Files Settings window

If you want to delete a specific application and applet from the cache, click on View Application and View Applet options respectively.

Dark line or patches appearing in the scanned images

Dark lines or patches might occur consistently in the scanned images even though they do not appear in the documents. If the document is in good condition and if the lines appear in most or all of the scanned documents, then it means that the scanning glass bed and/or the thin glass strip behind the scanning bed is unclean. Wipe both the surfaces with the cleaning napkins available in our office.(first with moist immediately followed by the dry napkin)

Drag & Drop issue

 Users might often complain about not able to drag and drop the documents from system folder to folder object. PSI suggests that this may be a Java issue

App activator not working

When users double click on the document, it opens as a separate application. There might be a case when an error could be thrown. The problem can be solved by associating an application with the specific doc format in the user's computer. i.e. if the user is unable to open a .tif file, find a file in the user's computer, right click on it and choose 'Open with', then choose an application like 'Window Fax Picture Viewer'.  If there is an issue -- install 'Irfan View' software on the machine and make sure 'tif' files are associated with Irfan during Irfan installation. If there is a problem with pdf files, make sure that the user has Acrobat Reader in the system.

Nolij Auto Import Issues

  • The path entered in Run Control must match the path in Nolij AI Config exactly. 
  • The Nolij AI service cannot manage special characters in the descriptor file. 
  • Any change made to the config requires that the service on the local machine be restarted. 
  • If a Nolij AI user changes their password,  they need to update their password in the Log On As Service tab of the Nolij AI service as well.

  • Background info:  Sometimes customers delete or modify the batch folder that is associated in the Auto Import Configuration Utility's rule in NolijWeb. But Auto Import Configuration Utility's rule will not be aware of the change and will still be referring to the old batch name and path. This will block the uploads.   Customers are requested not to modify/delete any batch folders used by AIU. If any such modifications/deletions happen, the the existing rule must be deleted and recreated.   PeopleSoft Run Control permits administrative office users with a means to build the Descriptor file that Nolij Auto Import (AI) needs in order to load files into Nolij. Files are loaded into individual folders or can be loaded to a Batch to wait to be indexed. 

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.