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Commenting on a VoiceThread allows you to add narration, provide information, and respond to those participating within the shared VoiceThread in your course.  You will begin by opening the VoiceThread and navigating to the slide on which you would like to record a comment.

Learn how to Comment by watching a quick video.

Visit VoiceThreads quick hit video collection, on commenting, comment moderation, doodling and more!

Commenting Options

 Select from Five options: (Creator/owner of the VoiceThread controls which commenting methods are available for use within the Playback settings).

  1. Text
  2. Telephone
  3. Microphone
  4. Webcam
  5. File Upload

Three primary ways to comment on a VoiceThread : 

  1. Audio options (Microphone, telephone, pre-recorded file)
  2. Video options (Webcam, pre-recorded file)
  3. Text

Commenting on Videos

Interactive commenting on a video in VoiceThread allows you to insert your comment directly into the video's timeline while also interacting with it dynamically as you record. 

Comment Moderation for Instructors

Comment moderation is a powerful tool for assessment.  If Comment Moderation is enabled, commenters cannot see one another's comments unless you choose to reveal them.

Listening and Viewing Comments

To learn how to play and move between comments, see a detailed conversation view, adjust your playback speed, move/adjust the comment bubble around on screen and increase the text size of a comment see listening to and viewing comments.

Deleting a Comment

You can delete any comment you created, and you can delete any comment no matter who recorded it from a VoiceThread that you own.  Note: If you don’t see the trash can icon, that means you don’t have permission to delete that comment.

Explore Additional Commenting Topics

Explore additional commenting topics outside of the basics covered above.  Topics such as how to edit a comment, using identities, comments per slide, changing the order of comments and more!