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  • Collects information and emails to a predetermined mailbox

Security Warning


 If you need to collect sensitive personal information such as Social Security Number, contact us and we will provide information about alternative methods.


  1. Request registration
  2. Wait for email response indicating you have been registered.
  3. Create your form in HTML using any editor (Notepad, emacs, Dreamweaver, etc.).  The requirements for form construction appear below.
  4. Upload the HTML page containing the form you created.  (Your HTML form can be created at any time, but it will not function until the registration step occurs.)

Required coding

Include these statements in the HTML code at the line where your form is defined:

where is replaced by your actual email address (lowercase only).

Optional Form Fields

To specify the email's subject text, use:

To make a field(s) required, use:

This, for example, makes both the email and phone fields required.

To be able to reply via email to your user, use:


email must be a required field; the name of the field must be email, all lowercase.

Confirm or Redirect

Form Mail provides a standard confirmation page which you may customize. For details, see the detailed instructions.

Alternatively, you may redirect the user to your own confirmation page. To do that, use:

For more detailed help on the form fields and additional features, see the detailed instructions.