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  • User fills in the form and submits the data.
  • The data is written to your data file.  Each piece of information is placed on a single line within your data file. Based on your choice, each piece of information is separated with a comma, or a tab, or is first quoted then separated with commas.
  • You extract the data and work with it in a software program of your choice.  For example, you could import the data into a spreadsheet, database, or statistical package.



Research on human subjects may require IRB approval. Surveys of University at Albany community members should be coordinated with Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness.

  1. Request registration to use the Form to File service.
  2. You will be sent an email with further instructions.
  3. Construct your HTML form.
    Your HTML form must reside within the "" domain and your data file will reside beneath the home directory of your Unix account.
    Note:  You do not need to have your HTML form set up prior to submitting your request for registration. Your data file will be set up following the registration process.
  4. Working with your data