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Do you need to collaborate with others securely on files and folders?  Microsoft Office 365 enables secure collaboration in many ways.

Should you create a Microsoft 365 Group or a Microsoft Team?

While you’re considering the options it’s important to remember that one size rarely fits all. Different teams may prefer to work different ways and Microsoft 365 offers tools to enable collaboration in whatever form your teams prefer.  

  • If your team prefers to collaborate via email and needs a shared calendar: Create a Microsoft 365 Group in Outlook.
  • If your team wants to collaborate in a persistent chat environment or use embedded apps: Create a Microsoft Team.  Microsoft Teams offer a much more robust collaboration experience with more features than a "plain" Microsoft 365 Group.

Simple and quick file/folder sharing 1:1 or small group

Collaborating with a larger group

Use OneDrive for Business

Use a Microsoft Team or an Office 365 Group

Share just files and folders

If you only want to share files and folders, and not give access to the rest of the content in your Office 365 Group, choose this option.

Add Guests as members to an Office 365 Group

If you want to give access to all of the content in your Office 365 Group, including the files/folders, calendar, notebook, and email conversations, choose this option.

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