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Clutter is a feature in UAlbany Mail to organize your e-mail messages so that low priority messages are not stored in your Inbox, but stored in its own folder. It automatically filters out messages that you are not likely to read, based on how you currently treat specific mail messages in your Inbox. For example, if you usually delete all email messages from, Clutter will begin to move these messages to the Clutter folder.This will help save you time when viewing your Inbox and allow you to focus only on the important mail in your mailbox.

If your mailbox was created before 6/30/2015, you may see a Clutter folder in your mailbox, but you must manually enable Clutter in order to use this feature. To enable Clutter, please complete the following steps. Mailboxes created after 6/30/2015 have the Clutter feature turned on by default.


  1. Log in to UAlbany Mail OWA
  2. Click on the Gear icon and then choose Options
  3. Select Automatic processing
  4. Click on Clutter
  5. Select Separate items identified as Clutter
  6. Click Save
  7. You will receive an email message confirming this change.

To mark messages as clutter:

Although Clutter automatically filters your non-priority email messages, you may need to identify low priority mail items by using the Mark as clutter option.

Just right-click on the mail item and then select Move to clutter.

To mark a message as not clutter:

If an item is in the Clutter folder, but should not be, you can right-click on the mail item and choose Move to Inbox.

Mark or Unmark as clutter in a client other than OWA:

To do this in Outlook client, drag the item in or out of the Clutter folder or click Move and then select Inbox or some other folder you choose.


It can take up to two days for Clutter to adapt to the changes of being marked or unmarked as clutter.