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 As of July 2015, all new mailboxes are created with Clutter enabled. UAlbany Mail users created prior to that always have the option to enable Clutter at any time.

What is Clutter?

Clutter runs in the background and tries to learn which messages in your Inbox do you consider as low priority. For example, if you consistently do not read message from a particular person or address, it my identify those particular messages as Clutter and move them from your Inbox to your Clutter folder when they arrive.

Invitation to "clean up" with Clutter

Mail users that have not enabled Clutter may receive a Clutter invitation in their Inbox. The invitation informs the user about the Clutter feature and its benefits. This invitation provides a link to enable Clutter and allow Clutter to automatically move low-priority messages from their Inbox to a dedicated folder.

An example of the invitation notification is as follows:

Let's clean up notification sent by Clutter

When you receive this invitation, you will also see a new folder called Clutter, and it will be added to your Favorites. The same invitation message will appear as the first message inside the Clutter folder.

After you click the link in the invitation and enable the Clutter feature:

After you click the link in the invitation email message, Clutter will be enabled. You will receive another email notification in your Inbox that explains how Clutter works and offers tips on how to manage your messages in your Clutter folder. There is also a link in the email notification to allow you to turn off Clutter.

Picture of the Meet your new cleaner inbox notification sent by Clutter

After Clutter has been running:

After Clutter has been enabled for three weeks, you will receive another notification email about Clutter to remind you that the feature is enabled and working and also to request your feedback. There is also a link to turn Clutter off.

Picture of notification sent by Clutter that asks users for feedback

When Cluster identifies new and different messages:

When Clutter discovers new messages that appear to be low-priority, you will receive the following notification. Its serves as a reminder that Clutter is enabled and prompts you to review the Clutter folder to ensure that only low-priority messages are being moved into the Clutter folder.

Clutter Summary:

You may receive a Clutter summary notification. When you receive this summary notification, you should review your Clutter folder for any falsely identified messages that are in the Clutter folder and move them to the correct folder. Clutter will learn how to better identify mail messages based on how you interact with your mail.

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