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  • Changing Your Mail Alias
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Email aliases for students (the portion of the email address that comes before "") are based on your primary name in MyUAlbany. Your primary name must be updated in MyUAlbany before a request for a new alias can be completed.
Email aliases for faculty and staff can be changed if your preferred name is changed in MyUAlbany through Human Resources (HR).  

To change your name in MyUAlbany:

Students must submit a Change of Name form to the Registrar's Office.

Faculty/Staff can set their preferred name with Human Resources. However, designating a preferred name does not change the primary name listed in the University's record system.

Faculty/Staff and Students: Once the name change is reflected in MyUAlbany, request an alias change by submitting a Service Desk Request.

All email aliases are created based on the following protocol:

Option 1: (e.g.

Option 2 (if Option 1 is not available): (e.g.

Option 3 (if Option 2 is not available): (where # is the next available number, excluding numbers beginning with 0 and/or 1) (e.g.